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What is The Health Foundation?

The Health Foundation (THF) is a non-profit public service organization registered under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. THF is a group of likeminded individuals who are concerned about the general health of those people who subsist on a very limited income in Pakistan. This group is made up of successful entrepreneurs, experienced physicians of some repute, media and advertising personnel and those who have established a name for themselves in social work. Each of them brings social consciousness and a wealth of experience in their respective fields. By working together on the same platform, this group brings a certain dynamism to the task at hand.


The Health Foundation aims to create awareness and promote management of various diseases in general public, with an initial special emphasis on viral Hepatitis. As the name implies, a healthy society is the over-arching goal of The Health Foundation. Education leading to awareness and prevention of all health related problems will come under its purview. The Health Foundation will provide support to those in need of treatment and unable to fully bear its cost. Half of all available resources will be committed to the treatment of health related issues and the remaining half will be spent on preventive measures and to educate the public. Public awareness of how infections spread will result in public self-monitoring and may impact the practices of various service providers.

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